Winning The War In Your Mind

“I believe you have what it takes because God has given you talent, ability, and knowledge to live a successful life here on this earth.” says Shannon U. Frazier in “Winning The War In Your Mind: You Have What It Takes.” Ten chapters will give you Biblical truths on how and why God has givenContinue reading “Winning The War In Your Mind”

Hope for Heidi

I was in Lancaster, PA and had just finished reading a book on the bus ride in. I needed another book to read. God gave me “Hope for Heidi” by Rachel Lofgren from the Shady Maple Gift shop. While still on vacation I jumped into the book immediately and haven’t been able to put itContinue reading “Hope for Heidi”

What If Jesus Was Serious About Prayer?

“What If Jesus Was Serious About Prayer?: A Visual Guide to the Spiritual Practice Most of Us Get Wrong.” by Skye Jethani is a six-part, easy to digest book about prayer. It helped me to understand what prayer is, how to keep it simple, how it helps me to commune with God, how to pray,Continue reading “What If Jesus Was Serious About Prayer?”

All God’s Step Children

“Males never fail to disappoint. They always find ways to live up to their proverbial characteristics. Males are cruel, dishonest and reckless. Males are thoughtless, angry, and deficient. Males are unpredictable, predatory and selfish. Males are dangerous, exhaustive and violent. . . Enslaving them is the most viable option.” These words in the introduction drewContinue reading “All God’s Step Children”

A Man Called Ove

“A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman had me cracking up out loud or caused my vision to blur from water in my eyes. This was such a good read. A friend of my suggested I read this book about a Swede and his antics. Then she said to watch the Swedish movie “A ManContinue reading “A Man Called Ove”

The Disturbance

I was born a wallflower. I loved to sit, watch, listen, and not talk. Having a relationship with God forced me out of that comfortable place. Because of my job with the Internal Revenue Service, He placed me into Toastmasters through my employer and enabled me to enjoy public speaking. Because of this training IContinue reading “The Disturbance”

9/11 in Gander

Dorsey, a dear friend of mine raved about a musical “Come from Away” and urged me to see it. I love watching plays, but sometimes the cost is more than we can afford to pay. This is the case with this play coming to our city. I was disappointed, but decided to buy the bookContinue reading “9/11 in Gander”

Piercing the Darkness

Frank E. Peretti thrilled me again. “Piercing the Darkness” the sequel to “This Present Darkness” had my fingers flipping the pages as I watched how Sally Roe dealt with the Spiritual Battle of her life. Frank reminds us in his fiction how we all live a physical and spiritual life. Satan and God are theContinue reading “Piercing the Darkness”

Hometown Missionary

When one thinks about a missionary we think about the person or people sent by a religious organization to a foreign country to evangelize, feed, educate, and heal the needy. This requires sacrifice as they leave homes and families to do this work. “How to Be a Missionary: in Your Hometown” by Joel Nagel teachesContinue reading “Hometown Missionary”

366 Glimpses of God

Sharon Norris Elliott enables her readers to snatch a peek at the attributes of God each day in “366 Glimpses of God: Getting to Know The God Who Knows You“. These daily devotions are encouraging, heart rendering, convicting, and revealing. I enjoyed it so much that I passed the book on to a member inContinue reading “366 Glimpses of God”