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Here I go again! God as commanded me to write yet another blog! Ten years ago I had to be convinced to write one blog and now I have four! In this space we will become friends through what is written as I tell you what I am writing or what I learned. If you like our content, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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Whole Bean: The Marriage Blend

My husband and I love to hike in the Cleveland Metroparks. One of those times we struck up a conversation with a cyclist checking out a new trail like we were. Bobby told us about his love for the Cleveland Metroparks. Somehow we got to talking about marriage and the fact that he and I…

Hinds’ Feet On High Places

This allegory written by Hannah Hurnard, “Hinds’ Feet On High Places” is an excellent read about the challenges of walking with God and the world that fights against us. Only with God can we walk in high places with Him with feet like the red deer hind. _________________________________________________ Juel A. Fitzgerald has a degree in…

Brain Freeze

Writing is what I have done since I was eight years old. However, for five days I barely wrote a thing. I attended summer camp with our collective churches in southwest Ohio. Normally, each day I pen what happened in my day. Then I write what I learned and list what I am grateful for.…

Rosa Parks

After a bus tour of Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma, and Tuskegee I had to buy “Rosa Parks: My Story”. During the earlier years of the Civil Rights Movement I was a youngster. Bloody Sunday, happened on my ninth birthday. Rose Parks’ book helped to fill in details about her life and the movement. Thanks to her…


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