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Here I go again! God as commanded me to write yet another blog! Ten years ago I had to be convinced to write one blog and now I have four! In this space we will become friends through what is written as I tell you what I am writing or what I learned. If you like our content, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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Memory Lane

Before I was convinced to blog, I sent e-missives to my distribution list. The other day I read an e-missive I wrote asking my readers for advise about what I write. In the body of the message I wrote: “I have come to realize that Satan as been playing games with me again.  He wantsContinue reading “Memory Lane”

God Did It!

Last Friday I returned from a thirteen day trip to Egypt and United Arab Emirates.  God had me to post pictures daily on Facebook while I traveled with thirty-two other people.  However, He commanded me to write a daily article about what we did that day.  Posting pictures is what I normally do when IContinue reading “God Did It!”


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