What a disaster!

I expected a dry set-of-facts type of book. But “The Ashtabula Disaster” by Rev. Stephen D. Peet in 1877 was not that at all! Because of visiting the grave site and the historic marker I knew the facts. In Ashtabula, Ohio ninety-two people of 159 perished in a train crash. In a terrible blizzard asContinue reading “What a disaster!”

Find Your People

Find Your People: Building Deep Community in a Lonely World by Jennie Allen was highly insightful. I am grateful a dear friend from church established a book club so that several ladies could explore the information in this book. For me it was a source of encouragement and of conviction. Jennie’s words helped me toContinue reading “Find Your People”

Aging Faithfully

Alice Fryling uses “Aging Faithfully” as a tool to help the aging (we are all aging) and what that could/should look like as we walk with God in our senior years. Fears, health, economics, and more are addressed. As a sixty-six-year-old it was a source of encouragement as I hold God’s hands on this journeyContinue reading “Aging Faithfully”

Girl On FIRE

I opened this 218-page graphic novel yesterday by Alicia Keys and finished it today! I couldn’t put it down! It was so good! It hit so many points about growing up, feeling inadequate, being used, abused, and so much more! All young people and adults should read this book! According to Alicia in an interviewContinue reading “Girl On FIRE”

Sleeping Beauties

Finally! After three months of reading I finished “Sleeping Beauties”. Stephen does this to me most of the time, by writing, thick books. This one is 700 pages. Despite the length each is a page turner. This time he coauthored this book with his son Owen. The three months was not due to the lengthContinue reading “Sleeping Beauties”

It is Never Too Late

“It Is Never Too Late: My Lessons for Living” by Warren R. Dalton, Jr. is a short forty-six page read. However, it is filled with vital life tips. This book was written when he was ninety. He died in 2018 when he was 101-years-old. Part One is life lessons from Childhood to Ninety. Part TwoContinue reading “It is Never Too Late”

How to Age Without Getting Old

Joyce Meyer provides excellent ways to walk with God as we age without getting old. Just because we grow older does not mean we are no longer useful in God’s Kingdom. She gives clear directions on how we can stay youthful as we age and serve our Lord in all of our life stages. ThisContinue reading “How to Age Without Getting Old”

Turning Gray

This is my second time reading one of Chris Warnky’s books. I was extremely impacted by this read. Chris talks about the straight laced black-and-white walk he had with God. Then he received a severe concussion after hitting a trampoline the wrong way and his walk with God turned gray. Because of this mental shiftContinue reading “Turning Gray”

End of the Beginning

Day Twenty – Part Three We are now at the end of our journey with Allen Arnold and “the story of WITH: A Better Way to Live, Love & Create”. Allen reminds us as as we live in the Freedom Realm with God we must be expectant of His plans for us, awaken our heartsContinue reading “End of the Beginning”


Day Nineteen Mia is back on the road with a gas can in her hand heading back to the guy she met early in her journey. That man is her real father; she did not recognize him on the way past him. They have a conversation and he is given one of two choices; one,Continue reading “With”

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