Please Stand By Continues

I remain on please stand by mode. God has rearranged my whole schedule these past few months. Nothing has been written on book four, but I am not worried. His timing is best. Instead He has me writing travel articles and twenty-five reasons why I stay in God’s kingdom. On November 30, 2022 I celebrateContinue reading “Please Stand By Continues”

What a disaster!

I expected a dry set-of-facts type of book. But “The Ashtabula Disaster” by Rev. Stephen D. Peet in 1877 was not that at all! Because of visiting the grave site and the historic marker I knew the facts. In Ashtabula, Ohio ninety-two people of 159 perished in a train crash. In a terrible blizzard asContinue reading “What a disaster!”

Triple “No”

The altitude is 37,000 feet as I fly over the Atlantic Ocean from London. I arrived September 7, 2022 and The Queen was dead by the same afternoon. There were three things I wanted to do while on this trip, but God said “no”. Number one: I have always wanted to take the Eurostar trainContinue reading “Triple “No””


Today I was supposed to be in Orlando, Florida for an international church summit. Instead God had me on the third day of training for a Stress Protest weekend in Colorado. In addition He has me attending the Vision World Discipleship Summit which I was supposed to be at in-person virtually. A hike and aContinue reading “Training”

Never Dull

Life as a writer for God is never dull. He keeps me busy in so many ways. Once a week He enables me to write a spiritual devotional. Most times I have no idea what will be written until my fingers hit the key board. When I travel He enables me to write about thatContinue reading “Never Dull”

Turning Gray

This is my second time reading one of Chris Warnky’s books. I was extremely impacted by this read. Chris talks about the straight laced black-and-white walk he had with God. Then he received a severe concussion after hitting a trampoline the wrong way and his walk with God turned gray. Because of this mental shiftContinue reading “Turning Gray”

That Time of Year

How is it that Thanksgiving is next week? This year Thanksgiving and Christmas are both on the 25th of the month. This generally happens every seven years except when a leap year falls within the seven years and two years are added. I have never paid attention to when both Thanksgiving and Christmas were onContinue reading “That Time of Year”

Written Retreat

God’s plan for me to attend the “Written Retreat” did not go as I thought it would. I wrote about what “The Real Intent” was and how He raised the money for me to go in “But Of Course He Did It!” Now I can tell you how it turned out. My replacement thoroughly enjoyedContinue reading “Written Retreat”

Just Checking In

It has been a busy and different time since my last blog entry here. My husband’s brother died unexpectedly on October 10th. All our plans for the week changed. His brother, his wife, and one of his daughter’s lived in Florida. Another daughter attends school in Washington State. We knew immediately we were leaving townContinue reading “Just Checking In”

Burnt Offering

The Bible tells of three types of sacrificial offerings: Consecratory Offerings – these offerings of animals, grain, and/or drink were for a high priest anointment, a king coronation, a tabernacle or temple dedication (Leviticus 1-2; 6:14-23, 23:13, Exodus 29:40-41). Expiatory Offerings – these were offerings for offenses made against others and sin. They were guiltContinue reading “Burnt Offering”

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