That Time of Year

How is it that Thanksgiving is next week? This year Thanksgiving and Christmas are both on the 25th of the month. This generally happens every seven years except when a leap year falls within the seven years and two years are added. I have never paid attention to when both Thanksgiving and Christmas were onContinue reading “That Time of Year”

Written Retreat

God’s plan for me to attend the “Written Retreat” did not go as I thought it would. I wrote about what “The Real Intent” was and how He raised the money for me to go in “But Of Course He Did It!” Now I can tell you how it turned out. My replacement thoroughly enjoyedContinue reading “Written Retreat”

Just Checking In

It has been a busy and different time since my last blog entry here. My husband’s brother died unexpectedly on October 10th. All our plans for the week changed. His brother, his wife, and one of his daughter’s lived in Florida. Another daughter attends school in Washington State. We knew immediately we were leaving townContinue reading “Just Checking In”

Burnt Offering

The Bible tells of three types of sacrificial offerings: Consecratory Offerings – these offerings of animals, grain, and/or drink were for a high priest anointment, a king coronation, a tabernacle or temple dedication (Leviticus 1-2; 6:14-23, 23:13, Exodus 29:40-41). Expiatory Offerings – these were offerings for offenses made against others and sin. They were guiltContinue reading “Burnt Offering”

In a Different Place

No writings have occurred here since May 21, 2021. I am currently in Dubai. May 22 until now I have been in Egypt and Dubai and have been writing an article every day in Juel’s Travel Beacon. Drop in for Day 1 on May 22, 2021. See you when I get back. ©2020-2021 Juel’s Creations,Continue reading “In a Different Place”

Blank Journals

This is unbelievable! For the first time ever I found I had not one single blank journal in my house. I always have blank journals waiting for my pen to fill. Somehow during the last year they were depleted. So I had to put on a mask and venture into a store to buy aContinue reading “Blank Journals”