Triple “No”

The altitude is 37,000 feet as I fly over the Atlantic Ocean from London. I arrived September 7, 2022 and The Queen was dead by the same afternoon. There were three things I wanted to do while on this trip, but God said “no”. Number one: I have always wanted to take the Eurostar trainContinue reading “Triple “No””


Today I was supposed to be in Orlando, Florida for an international church summit. Instead God had me on the third day of training for a Stress Protest weekend in Colorado. In addition He has me attending the Vision World Discipleship Summit which I was supposed to be at in-person virtually. A hike and aContinue reading “Training”

The Real Story

“Put the fiction aside for now and write your story.” The Holy Spirit said. On July 15, 2020 in the heat of a pandemic, “Lives of Gem! God’s Treasured Possession” was released. Thanks to God the real story has been on the market for two years. Celebrate with us by acquiring an autographed discounted copyContinue reading “The Real Story”

Please Stand By

This is the first time since high school that I have been put on Summer Break. Summer so far has been filled with riding in cars training students how to drive, four to five days a week in the morning and some afternoons. During the school year all behind-the-wheel trainings are in the afternoon andContinue reading “Please Stand By”

God’s Love Letter

My dear Juel, You are the gem I created and brought forth into the world sixty-six years ago. I have such great plans for you. I cried for you when you did not love yourself. I sent my love to you so that you could love yourself like I do. I felt your pain allContinue reading “God’s Love Letter”

Silence, Solitude, Sabbath Part 4

Week Four It was Saturday the last day of the week and I had not had my weekly time alone with God. But God worked it out. In the morning I planned to go to Weight Watchers for my monthly weight-in as a lifetime member followed by eating breakfast with a friend from church. MyContinue reading “Silence, Solitude, Sabbath Part 4”

Silence, Solitude, Sabbath Part 3

Week Three Finding time to be alone with God is hard! This week was the worst. God has my schedule full with His will for me. Eking out two hours to be alone with him was impossible. Today I was able to squeeze in walking alone with Him in a park I had never beenContinue reading “Silence, Solitude, Sabbath Part 3”

Silence, Solitude, Sabbath Part 2

Week Two Finding a solitary space is not my issue, finding a safe place a woman can sit alone for two hours in the park is a dilemma. Today God directed me to a lake I have hiked from many times in the past. This time I sat there for two hours. This is theContinue reading “Silence, Solitude, Sabbath Part 2”

Silence, Solitude, Sabbath

Week One Every month during 2022 our church has been experiencing some sort of spiritual discipline such as scripture memorization, journaling, and more. For the month of June we are craving out two hours in one sitting a week to be alone with God without a cellphone to relish in silence, solitude, a sabbath rest.Continue reading “Silence, Solitude, Sabbath”

Life to the Full!

The weather says summer is here even though the calendar hasn’t caught up to the temperature yet. This year summer is going to be crazy! I need to be working on my fourth book, but being a driving instructor, hiking trails as a trail ambassador, attending grandson’s swimming lessons, travel, walking distances with friends, familyContinue reading “Life to the Full!”

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