Day 47

Yesterday’s snow was almost gone until another front came through last night and reapplied a soft covering of white on everything. I was planning to walk with a friend while talking on the phone with my Thursday telephone date walker. However, after hearing about all the black ice, the accidents, and the highways that were closed I decided today was a pajamas day. Because of COVID-19 wearing pajamas became a norm. However, during the past forty-six days I have worn regular clothes and have been out of the house walking or hiking.

God knew I needed this “down” day. While I was home I attended the first day of three of a Virtual Writer’s Retreat. While on the lunch break I walked 2.4 miles and talked with my Thursday friend as she walked somewhere else. Since I sat most of the day I had to force myself up to keep from getting stiff. It felt good to be still and listen to what God wanted me to know about His writing plan for me through the sessions.

There are eighteen celebration days left. I look forward to returning to walking five days a week with two days for rest. In the meantime I am enjoying this experience God has given me to celebrate Him and the sixty-five years of life He has granted me. I am filled with excited because of the plans He has for me for God’s glory, on His schedule as I pray big.

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It is God's plan for me to encourage women to do all for God’s glory, live on His schedule, and pray Big.

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