It is Finished!

Day 65 It is the sixty-fifth day, the celebrations to walk sixty-five days for sixty-five years of life granted to me is done! Ironically the sixty-fifth day is my husband’s sixty-sixth birthday. I laughed when I counted up the days early in the journey. Only the Holy Spirit knew that when He prompted me toContinue reading “It is Finished!”

Mothers Day

Day 64 It is Mothers Day. It is cold, it is raining, and it is snowing. The Holy Spirit said put on your rain pants, rain coat, rain hat, and walk thirty minutes in My neighborhood. In addition, walk with Facebook Live on and I will tell you what to say. That video is atContinue reading “Mothers Day”


Day 63 I should have worn my mask to keep out the cold, but I did not feel like it. Susan and I walked 1.91 miles in the glove-wearing cold. We commented about wearing our masks because of the cold but I let mine hung from my wrist in case of close people exposure. ThereContinue reading “Chilling”

Mistaken Identity

Day 62 I returned to North Chagrin Reservation as a Trail Ambassador (TA) with another TA, Corky. North Chagrin Reservation is immense so returning today for a hike did not mean repeating the same route. Corky and I were in a different part of the park than I was in yesterday. We saw two waterfallsContinue reading “Mistaken Identity”

Two parks and a phone

Day 61 It was another life to the full day. My first walk of the day was supposed to be at 12 p.m. with Sonia. But I was trapped at the car dealer for car repair. We walked two hours later at Beachwood City Park for 3.03 miles. At this park was a cool dogContinue reading “Two parks and a phone”


Day 60 Gloomy darkness swallowed up the day. This would have been a wonderful pajamas day, but I had a foot doctor appointment and I wanted to walk. I was supposed to walk with a girlfriend, but cold misty face numbing rain kept us from meeting. I waited until later in the evening hoping forContinue reading “Misty”

Second Chance

Day 59 The rain clouds sent threats of preventing our walk in the Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation. We tried to go there last Thursday but God said no, sent the rain, and we walked in the mall. Under gray skies with seventy degrees temperatures we walked 4.66 miles today. We talked and prayed. ForContinue reading “Second Chance”

Spring Trek

Day 58 It rained all last night, all this morning, and into the afternoon. My fellow Trail Ambassador and I had doubts that we would be able to hike. However at the start of our 2:30 p.m. shift it stopped. We hiked 5.60 miles in Garfield Reservation. I assumed I would take a few picturesContinue reading “Spring Trek”


Day 57 In the mid 80 degrees temps Dan and I hiked in the South Chagrin Reservation. The original plan was to hike from Jackson Field to Chagrin Road along the Chagrin River. When we arrived we were shocked to learn it was only 1.22 miles. We looked at the map and realized that theContinue reading “Polo”

River Walk

Day 56 Thanks to Flourish Writers Live conference in Cincinnati Dan and I were able to take an early morning walk to and from the river before the conference for 1.36 miles. This made me five minutes late but it was worth the view, the water fowl, and the walk together in God’s creations. ©2020-2021Continue reading “River Walk”