Mistaken Identity

Day 62

I returned to North Chagrin Reservation as a Trail Ambassador (TA) with another TA, Corky. North Chagrin Reservation is immense so returning today for a hike did not mean repeating the same route. Corky and I were in a different part of the park than I was in yesterday. We saw two waterfalls and a variety of land and air creatures. We hiked 5.22 miles. We saw someone that looked so much like a guy at my church that I almost hugged him until I realized it was not him. I told the guy you might be related because he looked so much like him. He told me he used to be a preacher, so I might have seen him there or on the trail. I told him no, I thought he with this other guy. It was hilarious. If it was not for his voice and mannerisms anyone from our church would have thought it was him. I can’t wait to tell him I saw his twin at the park.

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