It is Finished!

Day 65

It is the sixty-fifth day, the celebrations to walk sixty-five days for sixty-five years of life granted to me is done! Ironically the sixty-fifth day is my husband’s sixty-sixth birthday. I laughed when I counted up the days early in the journey. Only the Holy Spirit knew that when He prompted me to take this adventure.

Today’s walk was a short 1.56 miles with my husband in Bonnie Park which is in the Mill Stream Reservation. We went there so that I could take pictures of the ecological changes the Cleveland Metroparks is making. As a volunteer I take periodic pictures of those changes in various park reservations included in the Cleveland Metroparks. Truly, I do it because I am nosy and love watching what changes are happening. We also stopped at Brookside Reservation where changes will occur later this year. No miles were walked, only the photo op as a volunteer.

Through this journey I was able to establish some routine walking partners, observe nature in various seasons, was strengthen physically, and am ready for where God is taking me next. He sends me and everyone on journeys in preparation for something else. May we all be eager, ready, and willing for the journeys with Him all for God’s glory, to live on His schedule and pray Big.

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