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It is day twenty-one of my “Pray Hear Write” journey with author Jevon Bolden. It was a “21 Days of prayer and fasting for breakthrough in your writing”. Along with other authors I traveled this way as God revealed to me His direction for His Words to come through my fingers on the keyboard or my pen.

I have done twenty-four hours of complete food fasting at various times. Twenty-one days was not an option for health reasons, especially while I was in the middle of the sixty-five days of walking celebration. For this adventure I chose to not eat meat. I am not a person who must have meat at every meal, but I am not a vegetarian. I love a huge infusion of protein after walking long distances or just because. Fish, chicken, pork, veal, liver, beef and more, there are very few meats I do not enjoy. It was not a struggle at all. I enjoyed how each day God enabled me to be satisfied, if not stuffed every day without a piece of meat.

I usually cook dinner most days. Surprisingly I did not suffer when I cooked my husband’s meat while I had vegetables. I did have to smack my hand to keep from taking the “cooker’s taste”. On my husband’s sixty-sixth birthday we dined at a seafood restaurant. I had corn-on-the cob, broccoli, cauliflower, and russet potatoes. As a Weight Watchers lifetime member, I was not hungry. This restaurant’s portion sizes were huge so I did not miss the fish. My husband had catfish, fries, coleslaw, and buffalo wings for the appetizer. I decided to touch one of his buffalo wings just to taste the sauce. When that normally pleasant buffalo sauce hit my tongue, I began to gasp for air. My throat tighten and I began to wheeze. I flooded my mouth with water. I am asthmatic and it feel like I was having an attack. We both laughed; I did not try that again!

Today is my last day with no meat. Tomorrow I jump on a plane to Egypt and United Arab Emirates (UAE). God’s timing for these twenty-one days is somehow tied to the thirteen days I will be out of the country. I am looking forward to the foods I will experience in Egypt and UAE. I am thanking the Lord for how this journey has been all for God’s glory as He tells me what to write on His schedule as I pray Big!

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