Day 46

Karrie and I were planning to walk in the Akron area. However, God said “not today.” He forced us inside by coating our area with four inches of heavy snow. It was beautiful and if I were hiking I might have wanted to venture out in that. But that was not our plan. For the first time in over a year we drove our way to the Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium.

This facility used to be my grandson’s and my regular hangout. While I walked miles on the track, exercised in a class or swam in the pool, he was in the Kid Castle hanging out with other children whose parents or grandparents were working out their muscles. My grandson and I also spent hours in the pool together and he took a swimming class there. Now during this COVID-19 season it is best that he is not there. His favorite tree house (pictured above) is off limits and I would not take him in the pool because of concerns about his safety from the virus. Plus my daughter probably would nixed that idea while I was asking (smile). I was kinda sad being in there to walk miles and see this.

Yet I was glad to get three miles in and chitty chat with Karrie. I had not seen her in over a year due to the virus, just Facebook pictures and texts. We unknowingly arrived during “courtesy hours” and had to wear our masks the whole time. This time was for those vulnerable to the virus. Any other time you may discard your masks if you are working out. I have gotten used to the mask I was wearing since it is easy to breath through it, but I prefer walking without it. Karrie was in a lot of pain due to her back, but she came to walk with me anyway during my sixty-five days. I love the fact she did that. She could have stayed home but she sacrificed her time and back for me. I am thanking God for a friend that would walk with me when she had the perfect excuse not to.

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