Day Twelve

Mia rides the damaged rickety elevator to floor four. She finds herself in a wheat field from when she was sixteen. She is in her sixteen year old body. Out of no where her father calls her name. At sixteen her dad had been missing since she was six. This was an amazing day as they talked and dined at their favorite diner. They also danced on the diner floor. This day was her most painful hurt; her homecoming date had ditched her for another. So Her dance with her Dad was extra special. He gave her a leather journal to write her adventures with him. Using her empty Together vial like a microphone he said, “Ladies and gentleman. Never before has this diner had such a beautiful woman on the dance floor. . . I love being your dad. I love spending time with you. Just us. Together.” He closed the vial with the cork. “The last thing she saw was her father’s strong hands in hers.”

“the story of WITH: A Better Way to Live, Love & Create” by Allen Arnold reminds us that God wants time with us, just us and Him Together. He wants to be involved with everything we do in life. He wants us to write those special times with Him in our journals and on our hearts.

My dad and I have had weekly Wednesday lunch dates for ten years. No matter what the weather we were together. The pandemic put a kink in those times when we were separated because of lock downs, but soon we were back at it. Right now I am not comfortable with dining in public where I have to remove my mask so we dine with take out in our homes. Over the years others have joined our dining experience such as out of town guests and other family members. None of them were there permanently, just a shared experience. Once there was a person who might have become a permanent person, but my dad did not want that. He wanted me to himself. I kinda was perturbed by that. But just like God He wants me to Himself everyday. Then in the last three years a person did become a permanent addition to our meals. At first I was OK, with that, but then became resentful because this was my time with him. However, I also know God wants us to share Him with others and not selfishly hoard him for ourselves. May we all spent time alone with Him and share Him with others.


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