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Day Eleven

The desert quicksand has Mia deep in it’s clutches as her mouth is covered in sand. Then she is snatched out be Ryder, the Watchman, her protector. If she had known that earlier she would not run from Him. But are we do the same; we cry out for help to others including the enemy instead of our Lord. Ryder takes the broken Identity vial pieces and with golden lacquer reassembles it. The golden scars of the vial is more beautiful than before. She fills it will the radiance of her own healed scars.

Allen Arnold tells us in “the story of WITH: A Better Way to Live, Love & Create” that we all have deep hidden scars. We are told to hide them, but hiding them prevents us from being all that God intended us to be. Instead we choose to live in our deserts and believe the lies of the enemy. After sixty-five years of life (soon to be sixty-six next month) numerous scars of betrayal, deception, slander, oppression, exclusion, and other hurts have cut my heart open. But through Jesus those wounds have been healed. They are no longer hidden. I talk about them to others and wrote some of them in my memoir. Only through Jesus can our scars shine forth for all to see our true Identity from the glory of our Savior.


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  1. This was my favorite chapter! I loved learning about kintsugi! I looked up illustrations of this Japanese art form and found it to be so beautiful. In fact I think I would like to paint a picture of a vase repaired through this exquisite method of gold-filled cracks just to remind me of the lesson learned here: the Creator takes our broken pieces and makes us whole again.

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