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Day Seven

Iona has revealed to Mia in “the story of WITH: A Better Way to Live, Love & Create” that the Story she has been living in is a lie. She now has to start her real Story in a Brownstone building. She has to fill vials at each floor of her Story to get to the Blue Door. She takes the elevator up to Floor 1. The door opens and the elevator is filled with water.

Allen reminds us, “that our life is a story. It is not a page of polished dates and facts, laid out like a resume, but a series of unexpected twists, deep emotion, unspeakable tragedy, and beautiful triumphs. There are no do-overs or jumping ahead. We must simply live each moment as it comes. . . We have no prep when we step into our Story most mornings. The question is whether we’re looking for our Father as intently as Mia along the way.”

How true this is! None of us have the power to know what our future is. We live day to day and hope it works out. I used to be concerned about my future. But the Holy Spirit has shown me how to put on my spiritual armor every day during my morning quiet times with God then walk the schedule God has for me that day.


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