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Day Six

Allen Arnold takes us deeper into the Orphan Realm in “the story of WITH: A Better Way to Live, Love & Create”. Mia runs into Iona who says Mia’s father was with her years ago. Mia wants to leave but stays so she can find out more about where her dad went.

The Orphan Realm is a place we can put ourselves when we are reliant on self and our worth is based on what others say it is. So we perform for that approval and not what our dreams are.

I am not sure I want to say I used to be a people pleaser, but I do know I did not know how to say “no”. I said to “yes” to almost everything that came my way. This resulted in me being overwhelmed, anxious, sad, and at one point suicidal just because I want to be helpful. God has taught me how to say “no” and when I should say “yes”. My life is now less stressful saying “yes” with Him.


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