Burnt Offering

The Bible tells of three types of sacrificial offerings:

  • Consecratory Offerings – these offerings of animals, grain, and/or drink were for a high priest anointment, a king coronation, a tabernacle or temple dedication (Leviticus 1-2; 6:14-23, 23:13, Exodus 29:40-41).
  • Expiatory Offerings – these were offerings for offenses made against others and sin. They were guilt offerings (Leviticus 5:14-6:7; 7:1-7) and sin offerings (Leviticus 4:1-35; 6:24-30).
  • Communal Offerings – these offerings are celebrated by the whole community as a form of worship and praise. They included peace/fellowship offerings (Lev. 3; 7:11-36), votive/vow offerings (Lev. 7:16-17; 22:17-20), and freewill offerings (Lev. 7:16-17; 22:17-20).

I have attended several workshops where Allen Arnold spoke on various topics for writers. In two of them he stated before the release date of any of his books he takes a copy of the book and burns it as an offering to God.

Yesterday I took the three books that God created through me, placed them in a fire pit, and made a burnt offering to God for His will to be done through these creations. I also thanked Him for the honor of playing a role in His will in making these creations. Both have already been released to the public, but I am of the mind that it is never too late to offer these to God.

For future creations I plan to do the offerings before the release date like Allen does. By doing these offerings I need not worry about how many are sold, what negative or positive comments are received, or anything else. I am free to do what He commands me to do as I continue to write, market, and speak. Making money is not why these books exist. They exist so that as many as possible can see and embrace God as their Savior. They are all for God’s glory, as I live on His schedule, and pray BIG!

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It is God's plan for me to encourage women to do all for God’s glory, live on His schedule, and pray Big.

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  1. I so appreciate you honoring God with your creative writing gift and especially like that you’ve adopted a burnt offering for each publication in thanksgiving for the privilege.

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