Just Checking In

It has been a busy and different time since my last blog entry here. My husband’s brother died unexpectedly on October 10th. All our plans for the week changed. His brother, his wife, and one of his daughter’s lived in Florida. Another daughter attends school in Washington State. We knew immediately we were leaving town by car as soon as we received word on when the service was.

God enabled us to drive safely to and from Florida as others traveled from Ohio, California, Washington State, and Indiana. God comforted my husband and his three sisters, his sister-in-law, and other family members as they shared in mourning. God made the family repast a joyful reunion. God changed my writing schedule but he did lead me to write a travel article, “Changes in hotel stays”, and a devotional, “The Real Intent” while in Florida. Then God blessed me by allowing me to attend a weekly Bible Study Fellowship discussion meeting with thirteen other ladies on Zoom outside while three turkey ducks waddled by. This trip in The Sun with The Son was no vacation but it was another way God showed Himself at a time we needed Him.

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