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Day Four

Allen Arnold’s, “the story of WITH: A Better Way to Live, Love & Create” takes us further in our journey with Mia. She gets off her bench and meets an old guy playing a guitar. His memory is bad and he gives her a name tag for her to write her name on so he can remember her name. After hearing her story he added “Chef” to her name tag. She decides to burn all the papers that had anything to do with the company she had tried to get an entry level restaurant position from. The man says, “Some say your dreams turn into offerings when you let them go.” Mia is lost but who knows maybe through her renaming of “Chef” she will be found and with a new identity.

I belong to a writer’s community called Flourish Writers. Through them I met Allen at one of their seminars. He is a great speaker and coach. At one of his sessions he told us for all the books he creates with God, he burns a copy before their release date. This turns into an offering to God and gives God the opportunity to do with it as He will. It is not about what we do to make great sales, become famous, or successful. It’s about what God’s plan is for us and our identity in Him. Hearing this I gave a burnt offering for the three books created with God. I am not sure where God is taking me with His writings, but yesterday He blessed with an interview with Dr. Sharon Norris Elliott on her TV show. It was a live show for part one. Part two will be Thursday, February 10, at 3 p.m. P.S.T. I am thanking the Lord for this journey with Him.


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