Obstacle Course Hike

Day 31

As usual my Tuesday walker was somewhere else walking outside and I was hiking simultaneously with my husband. We hiked three hours while half an hour of that time I talked with my friend on the phone for 3.02 miles. Every now and then I would tell her what I was looking at. Once I got quiet on the phone because the way down towards the creek was steep and treacherous. My husband was eager to show me an area I had never seen before. We had to visit it before nature was in full bloom and the ticks were out. This area was not a place to visit without insect repellent. So, we went before we had to deal with that. Many of the slopes down towards the creek were full of down trees we had to climb over or under. Spots on the trail were also full of down trees from a recent storm. I scraped my leg on one of the trees when I climbed over it. My adventurous husband always makes my hear flutter with concern when he leads me down or up trails that can cause serious injury. However, the workout on these types of hikes are worth it to see God in nature where many do not travel. We saw a multitude of small water falls, flowers of many kinds, squirrels, birds of many kinds, and a chipmunk that let us take his picture.

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