God laughed

Day 32

God had fun with Sonia and I tonight. I was hoping to walk at least four miles with her because we have done it in the past. We prayed and chatted like we normally do on our walks. What was different is we walked in the North Chagrin Reservation. We have walked in her neighborhood. Sonia wanted to walk in a park; so, we did in the late afternoon.

I knew she was like me, we like loop or circle walks and not out and backs. So, I took her on a route that was in loops. We walked out of the park over to the Mayfield Heights Park and back. We walked and walked. My watch showed it was taking forever to get the four miles in and we walked a quick clip. It was getting late so we decided to walk until we got at least three miles.

Back at the car my watch showed 2.99 and for some reason no matter how many steps we walked in the parking lot it was taking forever to click that .01 and it showed no pace. I was stumped. I said, “forget this we are done.” I planned to manually change the record to three miles.

However, as I was stopping the watch, I noticed it was on the “indoor run” setting and not “walk”. What??? That meant the mileage was totally off and my map was not recorded because it was not on GPS! After looking at my steps increase and the time, we calculated that we had to have walked five miles with the potential for six miles. But to be conservative we claimed five miles.

We laughed because we knew God was laughing. He some how blinded me to the distance. I should have known, but He did not let me “see” it until we were done. He needed us out there longer as we talked and prayed. I loved it. I wanted six miles during the week and my body sucked those miles in like a hungry vacuum. However I am disappointed because I love to see the map of where my feet went. We talked about redoing that walk to get the true distance on another day. Our bodies also confirmed it was between five to six miles.

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