APT Walk

Day 30

My husband and I walked yesterday and today. So far it seems we are setting a habit of hiking and walking on Sunday and Monday because of my sixty-five days of walking. Sundays are always our weekly date; we hike or go to the movies. But we have not been to a movie since March 2020. Now we are watching movies on HBO Max. However, we miss our movie popcorn. We are not quite ready to return to the movies yet. Today we walked on the all purpose trail (APT) of the Garfield Heights Reservation. Once around is two miles and then we added another 1.15 for a total of 3.15 by walking into the woods. The wooded trails called to us and we answered. Ordinarily we would have walked the loop twice, but I had to get my weekly allergy shots and did not have time for a second time around. This same park has an APT to Mill Creek Falls which is the tallest falls in the county. However because of the time constraints we did not do that one this time. We both prefer hiking in the woods over walking on an APT. However, we love doing either as long as it is with each other.

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