End of the Beginning

Day Twenty – Part Three

We are now at the end of our journey with Allen Arnold and “the story of WITH: A Better Way to Live, Love & Create”. Allen reminds us as as we live in the Freedom Realm with God we must be expectant of His plans for us, awaken our hearts to His call, know our identity as children of God, and do everything together with God.

Allen says we all have an invitation to start our journey with God now, not later when we think we have it all together, but now.

This is an invitation to spend your lives pursuing what you most enjoy doing–together with God. Raising a family. Investing in your passion. Chasing your dreams. In all of it, God’s primary goal isn’t to teach you lessons. He’s a Father who teaches, not a Teacher who fathers. And a Father’s deepest desire is to invite his sons and daughters into more intimate relationship with Him. Which means God didn’t primarily create us so we could do things for Him. Or even to learn lessons about Him. His primary reason for creating us is so we can be with Him. So be that. Be a teacher. Be a poet. Be a basketball player. Be a ballerina. Be a spouse. Be a parent. Be whatever He is inviting you into–just do it with Him.

Thank you reader for enabling me to read through this book a second time days after I read it the first time. It is because you wanted to hear more about this book that we trekked on this twenty day journey. Traveling twice down this path deepen my understanding about this wonderful adventure that God is taking me on. May these twenty days encourage us all to do everything with God. We are not alone and He calls each of us to do much with Him. If you were not reading this book while we traveled, please grab a copy from Amazon and enjoy all the details that were not revealed in this review. Reader, I am looking forward to the next journey God will take us on together with God.


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