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Day Eighteen

The feasting is over and Mia is not ready to leave and return to the real world. She is different; because of her time in the Freedom Realm she can now live that same freedom reality in her life. She left the Orphan Realm and now it’s time to life in the Freedom Realm with God. She feels unfinished; however, she will not be finished until her life story is over.

Allen Arnold warns in “the story of WITH: A Better Way to Live, Love & Create” about living in the Freedom Realm:

One word of caution. This life of freedom isn’t about satisfying selfish desires. There are no narcissists in the Freedom Realm. And it isn’t about gritting your teeth, holding on, and making it through the day with a forced smile. That is simply faking it from your own strength. It’s also not enough to have a factual knowledge about the Freedom Realm. You get no points for talking a good game. No, you must step fully into it. And the only way to do that is to embrace life with the Creator.

Every time I attend a church conference or a writer’s conference I am never ready to leave. The time of fellowship with people of like minds is intoxicating. I am ready to conquer the world for God. Then when it’s time to leave I hesitate, “now what?” Thanks to walking with God that thought only last a moment and He walks me into the purpose He has laid out for me. How often are we like that? We relish in a mountain experience on a vacation, conference, whatever, and then sigh with regret about returning to our homes. However, there is no place like home, lying in our own beds, and walking with God.


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