A Heart Prepared

Day One

This Christmas I am doing something different. Today I started a Bible Study to observe twenty-five days before Christmas as part of Advent. I am using “A Heart Prepared: Savor the Story of Christmas Advent Legacy Journal” by Mindy Kiker and Jennifer Kochert. Normally I give you book reviews after I have read the book. This time I will relay my journey as I go through the study.

Today’s scripture is Isaiah 7:14, “Therefore, the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son and will call Him Immanuel.” This scripture is in the old testament and foretold of Jesus birth seven hundred years before He came to earth as a man! What a way to prepare God’s people. This is so specific; God provides His name before He was even born!

I had to write down the meaning of my name and why it was given to me. My name is Juel. It was given to me by my mother. Her middle name is Juel and her mother’s first name is Juel. We have since given our daughter “Juel” as her middle name. She has given this same name along with her mother-in-law’s name in her daughter’s middle name. The name continues in our family line.

I have believed that Juel was a different way to spell Jewel. Yet I found that Juel is a word and has a meaning and the variations are Jewel, Jewell etc. Wikipedia/Wiktionary is an interesting source of information that one must be careful of when doing research. Today however, I love the definition it gives for my name. So I am taking it!

juel (plural jueles or jowelx)
Something of great monetary worth or value, especially when made of gems: An item of jewelery; a piece of personal ornamentation.
(Late Middle English) A jewel or gem; a precious stone.
(euphemistic, Late Middle English, rare) One of one’s testes.
Something of great non-monetary worth or value; a keepsake or artifact.
A well-crafted, well-built, or well-designed object.
A person who is dear to one’s heart; a loved one.
A present; something given as thanks or as bribery.
(rare) A plaything or toy.

Learning this information about my name and how Jesus’ name was given in advance has already softened my heart in this twenty-five day journey.


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