Astorhurst Take Two

Day 50

On our Sunday date last week Dan and I hiked in Astorhurst Park of the Cleveland Metroparks. This is a former golf course that is transforming into a park. We had to return today to hike the remaining trails and get closer to Tinker’s Creek. We hiked 3.19 miles. Now all the trails have felt our footsteps.

It was chillier than we planned but we loved the briskness and beauty of God’s creations. This park has many elevation changes that quicken the heart and lungs into action. I am praising God that He has healed me. Six months ago I would not have been able to climb any hill. Signs of Spring was everywhere, flowers, new tree growth, birds, green grass, and tree blossoms, The most unusual thing we saw, but so like nature, is the picture above. A tree did not let a cement post stand in its way as it grew; it consumed it and surrounded it with its life form. This is why I love to hike or walk to see God in living things He has created.

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