Altered Plans

Day 40

The number forty in the Bible represents “a period of probation, trial, and chastisement” according to “Numbers in Scripture” by E. W. Bullinger. How appropriate that my first time back on the trail as a Trail Ambassador for the Cleveland Metroparks occurred on Day 40 of this sixty-five day celebration of sixty-five years of life. October 22, 2020 was my last hike as a Trail Ambassador (TA). Due the increasing COVID-19 numbers my regular TA partners and I decided we were done for the year. Plus as the temperatures decreased I found I was unable to hike or walk outside too long because of my lungs. Today I had the honor of hiking five miles with Matthew a new TA as his mentor.

My original plan was to hike with him for two hours and shortly after walk with Sonia and my regular Thursday friend as she walked elsewhere and we talked on the phone. However, I ran late to meet Sonia because of my short visit to the Hinckley Reservation store after the hike. At least it was supposed to be short until technical difficulties occurred in their system. In any case I sent a text to Sonia saying I was running late. However, as I got closer it started to rain. She and I decided to walk on another day. With my Thursday date I talked with her on the phone while she walked thirty minutes.

God said, “You overdid your schedule and the hike was enough for today.” Thank goodness, I thought the mileage on the hike would be less. So I did not need to add another three or four miles walking with Sonia on the same day. I am glad my Father had my back.

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