Day 9

Thirty-nine degrees with a wind chill factor that made it cooler, tightened the skin on my face. I had a scarf on my neck but I was too lazy to put it on my face. I just wanted to walk and get out of the chill. We finished with 2.24 miles.

“Why are you walking alone?” I asked one of our neighbors who was coming from the opposite direction. He normally walks with his dog and I had noticed lately he was alone. He then told my husband and me what I feared, the dog was deceased. He had a back stroke and they had to put him down. I was saddened with him. Then the neighbor told us a few days ago his wife had a quint by-pass. Seriously? Thank goodness, God enabled her to live. I could not imagine what he would be like without his wife and dog. Now we are on a first name basis with this neighbor. Normally, we saw him, he saw us, and we’d waved. No deep conversations like today ever happened. The benefits of walking: it brings neighbors together.

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