Triple “No”

The altitude is 37,000 feet as I fly over the Atlantic Ocean from London. I arrived September 7, 2022 and The Queen was dead by the same afternoon. There were three things I wanted to do while on this trip, but God said “no”.

Number one: I have always wanted to take the Eurostar train from London to Paris under the English Channel. My friend Sonia and I almost had a booking on a Friday. But the Holy Spirit said “wait, and book a tour to Bath and Stonehenge instead.” We did and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We tried other dates and was shut out; God said “no”. Oh well, maybe God has another plan in the future. He wanted me to focus fully on London.

Number Two: On my last full day in London I discovered my cousin who works for Secret Service was in town to protect certain dignitaries. No matter what we tried a meeting did not happen. I am grateful we talked on the phone. God must have placed a shield of protection over us and said, “no”.

Number Three: I am a Bible Study Fellowship leader and today Wednesday was our first introduction meeting. I still do not know why my flight was booked for Wednesday instead of Tuesday so I could be back in time. The penalty to change was too severe. I prayed and had others to pray that I could connect while over the Atlantic. I was able to connect to the internet, but not to Zoom because of the audio and video aspects of this communication tool. Thanks to God another leader ran it. God said “no.” So I am writing this article instead.

Whenever God tells me “no” in my writing, plans, and adventures I must accept His way even though my lower lip wants to pout. Doing all things for God’s glory, on His schedule, while I pray Big is always best.


Juel A. Fitzgerald has a degree in English and is a Toastmaster trained public speaker, loves to travel, walk long distances with friends, and is a driving instructor for teens. She writes in four blogs and is the author of “Lives of a Gem! God’s Treasured Possession”, “Bible Trek: Reading the Bible in Thirteen Weeks”, and “The Twelve: Fishers of Men”.

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