Today I was supposed to be in Orlando, Florida for an international church summit. Instead God had me on the third day of training for a Stress Protest weekend in Colorado. In addition He has me attending the Vision World Discipleship Summit which I was supposed to be at in-person virtually.

A hike and a walk with two different friends for three miles each for a total of six miles was achieved today. Both were previously planned before I knew I was flying to Colorado. But God aligned them up perfectly to prepare me for the miles to be hiked at altitude in the mountains.

The first person and I hiked against elevation changes on the trail, climbed up and down stairs to and from the beach, climbed up and down stairs to a scenic overlook of Lake Erie. The lake was unusual flat; so flat that the waters close to the shore had no ripples and clear waters. The deeper waters’ ripples were barely noticeable. We hiked in the cool air before the ninety-degree temperatures hit.

The second person has a lower tolerance to heat than I so we walked in an air conditioned mall. We wore masks. For over two years I have walked on indoor tracks and malls with KN95 masks. God has shown me how to breathe slow and deep in that mask while working out. Today I realized walking with the mask on in the mall at the pace we walked helped me to practice walking at altitude. The same kind of breathing I have been doing in a mask has helped me to prepare for a hike at altitude. Oh my gosh! God is always working even when I don’t realize it.

This trip and other trips He has for me were not on my radar screen until the last month or few weeks. Thanks only to Him whatever He has me to do is all for God’s glory, on His schedule, while I pray Big!


Juel A. Fitzgerald has a degree in English and is a Toastmaster trained public speaker, loves to travel, walk long distances with friends, and is a driving instructor for teens. She writes in four blogs and is the author of “Lives of a Gem! God’s Treasured Possession”, “Bible Trek: Reading the Bible in Thirteen Weeks”, and “The Twelve: Fishers of Men”.

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