Silence, Solitude, Sabbath Part 2

Week Two

Finding a solitary space is not my issue, finding a safe place a woman can sit alone for two hours in the park is a dilemma. Today God directed me to a lake I have hiked from many times in the past. This time I sat there for two hours.

This is the second week of my silence, solitude, and sabbath adventure that everyone in our church is encouraged to experience. My notebook today was again filled with the sights and sounds of birds, insects, people, clouds that changed from globs of fluff to masses of gray, splashes in the water from underwater life, and the Great White Egret (Heron).

It was my first time seeing a white heron. The Great Blue Heron is seen every where. This white one was different for me. It stood majestically alone like the Blue Heron. It watched silently. Then it moved it’s head slowly here and there, stretching it’s long neck while simultaneously unfolding its huge white wings and lifted lightly on invisible air barely flapping around the lake as if performing for me. It skipped lightly on the water with both feet without landing. It flew here and there. It would land for a moment, then rise up again as if a magician waved a wand to levitate it.

The Great White or Blue Egret the perfect example of being silent and in solitude while it thrives in God’s nature.


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