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Day Two – Part 2 – The Blue Door

Mia is the first character we meet in “the story of WITH: A Better Way to Live, Love & Create”. Within the same day she loses her job as a waitress and an opportunity to be at Strava Food Group. One of the hiring personnel told her she was not their best choice. After pleading with him, he told her, “Since you asked, I’ll offer this last piece of advice. Stop chasing some childhood dream. The world does not work that way. This isn’t about what you loved as a girl. It’s about getting things done.” That is so true. We all have dreams but how many have fulfilled those dreams because someone talked them out of them or they were not financially productive enough? Her dream is to be a great chef. The day worsens for Mia, she ends up on a back road, out of gas, and sleeping on bench at an abandoned gas station.

After each chapter in this allegory, Allen provides insight on the story. For this beginning part he writes about “The Illusion of Control”. He writes:

When we feel the world closing in around us, it’s easy to go into survival mode. We tighten our grip in an effort to not lose more. But what if we allow the unexpected and unwanted interruptions to remind us that we were never in control in the first place?

Changes, especially unexpected changes in our life is unsettling. We moan and cry because we can’t do anything about it or have the ability to turn back the clock for a redo.

I used to be a control freak. My schedule was full for at least a year in advance. I hated it when something came along to destroy that schedule. Something always comes along. Having an overfull schedule, made me overwhelmed, and anxious. I had to learn through God’s help to, yes, have a schedule, but nothing further than three months out. Then every morning I pray for what my schedule really is for today. Sometimes it is the same as written in pencil in my calendar, but most days something is changed for the better. Being overwhelmed and anxious about my schedule is a life now in the past.


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  1. This is a good lesson! Just like you, I’m busy! I try to use time well — and accomplish as much as I can. I guess we get caught up in using our gifts for God, and therefore when we hit roadblocks we get frustrated. But, just like you, I’ve had to learn that we really need to see that it has to be GOD’s AGENDA!! not my agenda that comes first. It’s part of giving up everything for the Lord. We sometimes think that only means “stuff.” — but it means “time” just as much. And often, it’s harder to give up “time!” I’m learning, Juel!

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