Searching for Sea Glass

While walking several beaches in Myrtle Beach with my husband I learned the difference between broken sea shells and sea glass. I thought they were the same. Sea glass is glass from broken bottles, shipwrecks, and tableware that is ground, rolled, tossed for twenty to forty years. The rough edges become smooth and rounded with all the ocean or fresh water agitation to form beautiful pieces of sparkling glass. These pieces sometimes find themselves on the shores of oceans and lakes. Sea glass come from the sea and beach glass come from fresh water bodies of water. Many collect them for souvenirs, to make jewelry, and gifts. Broken sea shells are merely broken pieces of sea shells that were pushed up on shore.

Reading “Searching for Sea Glass: Journeying with God Through Chronic Illness” by Kara J. Plett made me research what sea glass was during that vacation on the beach. These thirty devotionals were inspirational, convicting, and informative. Instead of taking thirty days I read through them in less than that. I started out day-by-day then went into a four to five a day sprint. They were so good. I did not want to take thirty days to finish.

I have eosinophilic asthma and allergies to ragweed, summer trees, dust, mold, dog, and cat. Every four weeks I have an infusion directly into my body of Cinqair for the eosinophilic asthma and weekly shots for the allergies. I am approaching the maintenance part of my allergy shots; then once a month shots will be necessary.

Reading this book helped me to see God’s role in what I am going through now and His plan for me while I go through this journey. This is an excellent read for anyone who has a lifetime chronic ailment. God can cure anything, but if that is not His plan then He shows us how we are to live with the ailment as we do His will. Despite the hindrance of this ailment, through Him I am able to do all for God’s glory, live on His schedule, while praying Big!


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