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Before I was convinced to blog, I sent e-missives to my distribution list. The other day I read an e-missive I wrote asking my readers for advise about what I write. In the body of the message I wrote:

“I have come to realize that Satan as been playing games with me again.  He wants me to think: ‘I don’t know why you keep writing about all these people you meet and how impacted they were with God. Not one has joined you in this walk with God. When will you have a message that enables someone to be baptized? Ha! Ha! Then the personal stuff – man what’s up with that? Are you that self focused? You know that’s a sin. And that dream that was planted about making a disciple in every American city that you visit – that is just down right impossible! Don’t even think about writing about it because that is totally a delusion and is not helping anybody. You are being a total discouragement to those you send this stuff to. People don’t have time for that. Remember all those that told you to take them off your list – see what I mean – meaningless, just meaningless!'”

I do not remember writing this on July 8, 2002. Here we are nineteen years later. Some of the same doubts Satan still try to tell me, but God has brought me a long way. He has enabled four blogs to exist, one published book, and more to come. Details can be found at my author’s page.

Thanks only to God can we overcome Satan’s lies and do all for God’s glory, on His schedule as we pray Big!

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It is God's plan for me to encourage women to do all for God’s glory, live on His schedule, and pray Big.

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