God Did It!

Last Friday I returned from a thirteen day trip to Egypt and United Arab Emirates.  God had me to post pictures daily on Facebook while I traveled with thirty-two other people.  However, He commanded me to write a daily article about what we did that day.  Posting pictures is what I normally do when I travel.  However, writing an article meant extra time and effort while I was “on vacation”.  God enabled me to enjoy all the tours and time with the group along with energy to write, edit, and publish these articles.  Some nights I only had two hours of sleep but God gave me the strength to do His will for God’s glory, on His schedule while I prayed Big!

The first day article is at: https://travelbeacon.wordpress.com/2021/05/23/getting-there/.  After you read each article you can scroll to the bottom and hit “next article” for the next day’s happenings.

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