Answered Prayer

Day 55

Blue sky and sunbeams poured into our house. I was up and ready for a morning walk with Sonia. As I jumped into the car a deep sigh escaped. Dark clouds had wiped out the sun and blue sky. I prayed to God that he would hold off the rain so we could walk. Sonia jumped in the car. We turned onto the ramp down to the highway. Large drops kissed the front windshield.

“Lord, what is plan b?”

“The mall!”

We drove to the next exit turned under the interstate and back up onto the interstate straight to Beachwood Place mall. Minutes after we entered the rain came. We walked one and a half miles on the lower level and one and a half miles on the upper level for a total of three miles.

God knew I needed fuel before my biologic infusion. I had made a sandwich and brought an apple because I knew we would not have time to stop anywhere after the walk. Walking in the mall gave Sonia and me choices of tasty foods within reach. We ordered food to go.

As we exited the mall, the rain stopped. God answered my prayer to keep the rain off of us by sending us somewhere else and fed us too. God’s plan is always better.

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It is God's plan for me to encourage women to do all for God’s glory, live on His schedule, and pray Big.

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