Changed Attitude

Day 53

Teijuania and I both prayed separately to God to keep the rains away so we could do our walk. We laughed when we met in Big Creek Reservation and learned we had made the same prayer. Naturally, God answered that prayer. The storm that was approaching veered off into a different direction so we could walk 2.95 miles.

On this and the last few hikes/walks I noticed something different in me. Anytime after I arrive at my destination if my watch shows a few tenths away from the next mile I would walk around and around in the parking lot or walk back up the trail in order for the watch to click over to the next mile. “It is too close to stop!” I would say along with some of my walking friends. Today we were only .05 away from reaching three miles. I no longer care. Where I end is where I end. The point of walking is to walk at least thirty minutes with a friend. If we walk more than thirty minutes that is a bonus.

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It is God's plan for me to encourage women to do all for God’s glory, live on His schedule, and pray Big.

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