Day 37

Anytime I walk with someone we usually have some general walk plan, meaning how many miles to walk and where. Today the where was firm but how many miles was not. I knew anytime I walked with Beth it would be for a long distance. Since six miles was my max I was ready for six. When we reached three miles Beth asked me did I want to turn around. We got there so fast and my body felt so great that I said no we can go a little farther; since she indicated the next cross street was not that far. As it turned out it was another mile. Four miles out meant four miles back.

We call that “accidental” miles. It never fails. Anytime I am walking with long distance friends, the plan is to walk “x” miles and the actual is “y” which is always further. Beth and I had not verbalized a distance until we were well into the walk. My mileage limitation depended on how soon we could get back to the car. I had a 3 p.m. allergy shots appointment. In two and half hours we walked eight miles and I arrived at my appointment right on time.

We walked on the “Freedom Trail” starting in Tallmadge. I have been wanting to walk this bike and hike trail for the longest. The railroad track that used to run there is still there slightly overgrown with grass. I wondered why because most bike and hike trails remove the rail. Maybe it is because where we started a caboose and a passenger train car is on the track. Four miles out I could see about a few tenths down the track a blue engine on the track. The rail and the trains are not operational, they sit as tourist attractions. The one in Tallmadge is part of a restaurant’s outdoor patio setting. There probably were two tracks yet one remains. It is actually scenic and a reminder of what the trail used to be. All of my walking friends have done this trail many times except Michele and me because our schedules did not allow us to go. So, finally, I walked eight miles of it with Beth. I am hoping I can walk miles on other sections of the trail on a later date, but I am smiling now, sated by the miles covered.

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