Day 34

One of my Akron long distance walkers met me at the Wilbeth Trailhead on the Ohio Erie Canal Towpath in Akron. I got there fifteen minutes early and immediately took pictures of the pond on the opposite side of the canal. I thought I had never been there before. It was so beautiful. However, I also knew my husband and I had only thirty miles left of the entire towpath from Cleveland down to New Philadelphia left to explore. I realized after walking five miles with Diana that I walked and biked this section, but never started at Wilbeth. A lot is missed while riding a bike because we can’t stop at every single thing; where on foot, I can stop and take pictures. I took 72 pictures on my phone on this walk. I wish I had brought my camera because the pictures I took of four sunning huge turtles were not as clear as I would prefer. Besides misremembering this place, it was a great reunion with Diana. I had not walked with her since February 15, 2020 when she and others helped me train for the Rite Aid marathon. Little did we know our indoor trainings were going to stop the next month due to a virus.

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