Impromptu Hike

Day 26

We woke up to a world of white snow. My Thursday walking partner and I planned to walk inside because of the forecast. However, my husband mentioned taking a hike and I was all in. I did not want to walk on a street or all purpose trail in this weather but hiking is perfect! There is a difference in hiking and walking. Hiking is slow and leisurely with hiking boots while walking is fast and brisk with tennis shoes. It was twenty six degrees with a windchill in the lower twenty’s. We wore our protection winter wear and off we went. I was especially excited because it was my first “winter” hike of the season. Because of my lung ailment I was unable to hike in the winter this year. Now that I am so much better, I had to do it! I had no problems with breathing. I wore my normal winter face mask to keep my face and lungs warm. We were both warm and cozy while we hiked through God’s winter/spring wonderland. At the same time my Thursday date and I were on the phone as she walked inside for thirty minutes. My husband and I hiked 2.01 miles for two hours and fifteen minutes. Slow and steady wins the race.

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