Two Parks

Day 22

In between two storm systems my husband and I visited two parks. The first park was Hillandale Park. In this park was a bridge to no where. It was built in the 1930’s for a dwelling development. However, for some reason or another that development never happened. So it has sat in decay since then. While we were under the bridge taking pictures with the trees talking to us, it felt kind of creepy as if generations of people were still there watching us.

The second park was in Euclid Creek Reservation. There we went on trails we had never done before and saw many different falls on Euclid Creek. Many of them we had to climb down into ravines to see or up slopes to look down at them. Between the two parks we only hiked 1.74 miles but both parks were so full of God’s nature that we need not go further. Plus the second system of rain and high winds chased us back to our car.

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