Trust Me

Day 6

“Trust me! All you need is thirty minutes. It is too sunny of a day to pass this opportunity up!” The Holy Spirit prompted me to walk around my aunt’s complex. I have two aunts and I visit each of them once a month. During the months I could not visit in 2020, I called both of them once a week. The once a week calls remain and the visits have returned.

My aunt’s multi-building complex is not in a neighborhood I feel comfortable walking in. However, after my visit I was compelled to walk the sidewalk around her complex and in and through most of it. I walked only on the street side walks on the main drag and all the side walks in and around most of the buildings. I stopped at a few times to greet a woman using a walker. I saw her first on the street sidewalk. My mask was down. As I approached we both pulled our masks up. I got close to her and said, “shields up!” We both laughed and discussed for a few minutes how the masks fog up her glasses and my shades. My sun glasses shielded me from the sun and the wind. She was out for a walk in the sun also. We saw each other at least two more times and waved.

For each of my walks the minimum time is thirty minutes. However after five days I have walked longer and now want to walk at least two miles. Today, that was not happening, only thirty minutes for 1.58 miles was walked. Once I got closer to the car, walking another ten minutes would have meant repeating space in the complex and back tracking. I thanked the Lord for taking me for a walk. Something told me that unknown woman was encouraged by our meeting and so was I.

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