Day 2

I did not have a plan of where to walk today. I had to squeeze in a walk among the crazy schedule of Monday. Instead of going to the park, my husband and I had a functional walk. We walked 4.33 miles round trip to drop off mail at the Post Office.

On the way to and from on a major four lane road, we took note of all the things along side the street: empty and partially full bottles, a bundle of hair, cans, car parts, wreckage parts, cigarette packets, paper, and lots of white golf balls. We walked passed a golf course. We wondered if anyone had gotten hit with one of the spinning missiles. Two deer also eyed us up as we walked. Even among the discards God shows His glory through nature.

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It is God's plan for me to encourage women to do all for God’s glory, live on His schedule, and pray Big.

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