After the Pause

Writing and publishing a book takes time. Thanks to God three published books exist. “Lives of a Gem! God’s Treasured Possession” took two years to write and publish. “The Twelve: Fishers of Men” and “Bible Trek: Reading the Bible in Thirteen Weeks” took nine months to write and publish. All three books would be considered a short period of time for writing and publishing. Since those three were self-published it was a quicker.

“Lives of a Gem! God’s Treasured Possession” is a memoir. After completion of an outline and God’s divine hand, the writing only lasted eleven months of the two years. The rest of the time involved work with editors and the publishing process. “The Twelve: Fishers of Men” is based on a personal Bible study I experienced with God years before and I used that to create a book. “Bible Trek: Reading the Bible in Thirteen Weeks” was born after reading through the entire Bible four times in four summers. What I experienced in the fourth summer was the source of the book.

With God He now has me creating a fourth book about how He uses the mature in age for His purposes. Unlike any of the three before it will take longer to complete. A detailed outline organizing the book was created. Once that was done God had me to take a pause for a few months to hear how He wants me to proceed. While in that pause Satan tried to mess up my mind while I listened. Today God had me to do some intense research on two Bible Characters He will use in one of the chapters. Oh my gosh! What a job that was! It was so much fun! I am so excited to embark on this next journey with God. Researching, writing, and publishing all for God’s glory, on His schedule, while praying Big is time consuming, but worth it!


Juel A. Fitzgerald has a degree in English and is a Toastmaster trained public speaker, loves to travel, and walk long distances with friends. She writes in four blogs and is the author of “Lives of a Gem! God’s Treasured Possession”, “Bible Trek: Reading the Bible in Thirteen Weeks”, and “The Twelve: Fishers of Men”.

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It is God's plan for me to encourage women to do all for God’s glory, live on His schedule, and pray Big.

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