In order to be a good writer you have to be a good reader. I don’t know who coined that phrase but every writer agrees this is true. This year I set a goal of reading at least twelve books during the year. Now that I set that I probably will have to increase it because I have already read three books.

I read two books at a time. The two books must be of a different genre so that I do not get confused about what I am reading. Usually those two are a spiritual self help and a novel. Stephen King and Dean Koontz are my faves. Currently I am reading “A Woman God Can Bless” by Sharon Norris Elliott and “A Promised Land” by Barack Obama.

Friday, “Back From The Shadow of Death” by Marwin Strong landed in my mailbox. When I opened it, the book called me to read it now instead of after I was done with “A Promised Land”. I finished the book on Monday. This memoir about Marwin Strong kept my fingers flipping the pages. This is an extremely riveting story about how God moved in his life even before Marwin knew Him. Based on Marwin’s lifestyle he should not be above ground. However, God had a different plan for him. Despite of himself, God moved Marwin literally from the shadow of death into God’s divine purpose. This was an encouragement for me. God has a plan for all people He creates. We simply have to “wake up” and follow His lead.

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