Book Appearance Survey Results

The survey results are in! Thank you all for letting me know whether you prefer soft bound, hard bound or e books.

Reasons for soft bound were: easier to travel with, less expensive, easy storage, lighter in weight, can hold easier in my hand, dust jackets annoy me, easier to put in a purse, less screen time, easier to use as a resource like the Bible, better to write in, and better if for study/learning materials.

Reasons for hard bound were: like solid real books, easier to lay flat on table when open, old fashion, what grew up reading, better for biography, better to underline, better to write notes or comments in, harder to damage, traditional, like to keep my books on a shelf, hard bound last longer, and best for children’s books.

Reasons for e books were: easier to carry with me, keep track better, easier to have my entire library with me, can read anywhere with included backlit, and don’t take up space on a shelf.

Thanks again for giving your view points. This will help me make decisions on future publications.

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