Unknown Venture

God is mysterious, faithful, just and true. He has plans we can not imagine. Those plans are always for His purposes and for our good. A few days ago He had me participate in a photo and video shoot. This experience is part of launching a new ministry with the Written Retreat. It is aContinue reading “Unknown Venture”

Library Admission

After five days of quarantine, “Lives of a Gem! God’s Treasured Possession” will begin the six to eight week process of being evaluated, cataloged, processed and available in the Cuyahoga County Public Library. I am so excited! ©2020-2021 Juel’s Creations, LLC


In order to be a good writer you have to be a good reader. I don’t know who coined that phrase but every writer agrees this is true. This year I set a goal of reading at least twelve books during the year. Now that I set that I probably will have to increase itContinue reading “Reading”

Blank Journals

This is unbelievable! For the first time ever I found I had not one single blank journal in my house. I always have blank journals waiting for my pen to fill. Somehow during the last year they were depleted. So I had to put on a mask and venture into a store to buy aContinue reading “Blank Journals”

The Next Project

Onward we move to the next book project. At least three book projects were on my bucket list, a devotional, fiction and a self help. However, My Lord, again has refined that number and I am merely following His lead as I marvel at how His plan is much larger than mine. For the nextContinue reading “The Next Project”

Second Edition Release!

The second edition of “Lives of a Gem! God’s Treasured Possession” released today, January 15, 2021. This book now has two formats – paperback and eBook. Six short months ago the first edition was released and I was very disappointed when I was stopped by the hand of God about having an eBook version. IContinue reading “Second Edition Release!”

New Beginnings

This was not my plan! All I wanted to do was to fulfill the Dream God gave me to write a book and publish it. The Dream God gave me can be read in the article “Dream Come True!” Now I am no longer just a person who loves to write with pen, paper andContinue reading “New Beginnings”